Legion of the Wall

The Legion of the Wall, also known as the Seventh Legion, guards the borders of the Empire against the monstrosities of the outwilds led by a Commander-General.

The job has an incredibly high fatality / turnover rate, and there’s no real opportunity for fame or accolades, so only the worst of the Empire’s troops get stationed here (alongside the few better ones who stepped slightly out of line, and were demoted / sent over as a punishment). Sheer numbers compensate for the troops’ ineffectiveness; the Seventh Legion is by far the largest of any of the Empire’s divisions.

Unofficially, these troops are supported by the Legion of Ghosts, composed of many of the most dedicated Seventh Legion forces after their death.

Card References

  • [ c ] Forward Deployment
  • [ c ] Frontier Patrol Commander (sorta?)
  • [ c ] Imperial Legionnaire

Legion of the Wall

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