Third Eye

The Third Eye is a hive-mind-esque collection of imperial telepaths centred in Voslik. They form the backbone of the Legion of the Mind.


  • Operative: work on their own / out in the field
  • Oracle: work at the base in Voslik with a crystal ball
  • Attache: work with the other legions, relaying the Oracles’ advice

In the Story

Dack ((DUNNA!!)) Fayden breaks to the Oracle’s base in Voslik, stealing information about:

  • Lyozvei
  • The real history of the world
  • Minimal outwilder status (The Legion of the Sky does patrols over the Outlands) Gives Nalyat a place to go to try to find Siwanye (death, death, death, maybe death on a map)

Card References

  • [ c ] Mind Probe
  • [ c ] Oracle of the Third Eye
  • [ u ] Third Eye Operative
  • [ r ] Third Eye Spiritualist
  • [ r ] Third Eye Visionary

Third Eye

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