One of the rebel Factions, led by Nalyat Idoka

Location: the Lost Cities
Good side: Most organized+neo-magic resistance faction, actively fighting back
Bad side: Made up of any/all offenders against the Empire, which includes a lot of terrible people
Colours: UR


Small-scale: rescue people being hunted down by the Empire.
Large-scale: (eventually) overthrow the Empire.


  • “Come with me if you want to live” — rescuing Inquisitors’ targets
  • Expanding information networks, safehouses, etc to keep its members safe/hidden
  • Studying the rifts
  • Small-scale acts of anarchic resistance, often with magical backup

How do they survive?

Mastery of the rifts — escape by hiding inside, can use offensively as well. They also have a stronghold located in an isolated pocket between two rifts.

Card References

  • [ c ] Imperial Guard Dog (implicit)
  • [ c ] Dextrous Duelist (sorta??)
  • [ c ] Planar Ambush (implicit)
  • [ r] Riftwalkers’ Mastermind


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