The Empire’s forces are divided into seven Legions, supported by Angels (although the angels themselves do not belong to any particular legion). (who are they summoned by? does it matter?)

Also have a reserve system (retired / trained people who can be drafted in on a moment’s notice) (a large fraction of the city-folk of the empire did a few years in the legions)

Card References

  • [ u ] Timely Reinforcements


Most citizens of the Empire don’t have a good sense of the extent of the Empire’s reach / willingness to act. They just go about living their lives, in whatever form that takes.

Card References

  • [ c ] Solidarity of the Slums
  • [ c ] Troskyen Aristocrat
  • [ u ] Survey the Empire

Rebels / Resistance

A catch-all term for those who live within the Empire, but do not ascribe to all its rules/tenets. None are monolithic, and they tend to be poorly organized, because of the overwhelming presence of Imperial telepaths.


The few who manage to survive outside the Empire’s borders. Some want to take down the Empire; others just want to survive amongst the mutants.


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