Nalyat Idoka

All-Round Badass


Leader of the Riftwalkers.

After Dack ((DUNNA!!)) Fayden breaks in to the Third Eye, he tells Nalyat about…
Lyozvei, who teaches her how Sustain works.
…the Outwilders, as the Legion of the Sky does patrols over the Outlands. (Gives her a place to go to try to find Siwanye: “death, death, death, maybe death” on a map)
…the real history of the world.

After learning about Xrekshana from Siwanye, uses a Sustain ritual to free Xrekshana from the mountain.

Card References

  • [ c ] Urgent Rescue
  • [ u ] Underground Network
  • [ u ] Nalyat’s Ritual
  • [ r ] Narrow Escape
  • [ m ] Nalyat Idoka

Nalyat Idoka

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